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Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is common among people in the US who are male, white, previously married, or not employed

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Q How common is adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among people in the United States?


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Retrospective cohort study.

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General population, US; 2004.

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3199 English speaking adults (aged 18–44 years) included in Part 2 of the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Part 2 participants had met criteria for at least one disorder assessed in Part 1, or were part of a probability subsample of other respondents. The sample was weighted to be nationally representative.

Embedded ImageAssessment:

Participants were classified into four categories: no reported symptoms of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); reporting symptoms but not meeting diagnostic criteria for childhood ADHD; having childhood ADHD (DSM-IV) but no reported adult symptoms; having childhood ADHD and reporting adult symptoms. Trained clinical interviewers then reappraised a representative sample of 154 people from across the four categories to …

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