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Aripiprazole reduces acute mania compared with haloperidol in bipolar I disorder and causes fewer adverse effects

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 Q Is three months of treatment with aripiprazole more effective than haloperidol for people with bipolar disorder having an acute or mixed episode?


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Multicentre randomised controlled trial.

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Double blind.

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Twelve weeks.

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Seventy six international centres; time period not reported.

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347 people aged 18–65 years with non-rapid cycling bipolar I disorder (DSM-IV) currently experiencing a recent onset acute or mixed episode, and with Young Mania Rating Score (YMRS) ⩾20. Exclusions: unresponsiveness to antipsychotics, recent treatment with lithium, divalproate, or long acting antipsychotic, substance misuse, high suicide risk, use of psychotropic medications (except benzodiazepines) or fluoxetine treatment in the prior month, previous enrolment in an aripiprazole trial. …

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