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Suicide ideation and attempts are more prevalent in people aged 25–44 years in Australia but become less prevalent in older people

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 Q What factors influence the lifetime risk of suicide ideation and suicide attempts in an Australian community?


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Cross sectional study.

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Brisbane and Goldcoast Metropolitan area, Queensland, Australia; 2000 to 2002.

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11 572 people aged 18 and over (5460 men; 6110 women).

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Telephone numbers were stratified by gender and randomly selected from electronic telephone directories, and one adult selected from each residential household for telephone interview. Interviews were used to assess prevalence of suicidal ideation in the general population (using modified WHO/EURO definition of parasuicide). Direct standardisation methods were applied to prevalence estimates to account for the sample not being representative of the general population.

Embedded ImageOutcomes:

Lifetime and 12 month suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.


1311 people (11%) reported lifetime suicide ideation and/or suicide …

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