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Adding mixed amphetamine salts to divalproex sodium improves ADHD symptoms in children with bipolar disorder and comorbid ADHD

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Q Are mixed amphetamine salts plus divalproex sodium safe and effective in children with bipolar disorder and comorbid ADHD after stabilisation of manic symptoms with divalproex sodium?


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Randomised controlled crossover trial.

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Not stated.

Embedded ImageBlinding:

Double blind.

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Two weeks randomised treatment; 12 weeks open label follow up.

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One hospital in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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Thirty one children (mean age 9.8 years) with DSM-IV diagonosed bipolar I or II disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Eligible children had a Conner’s Teachers and Parents Rating Scales hyperactivity score ⩾2 standard deviations above normal and Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) score ⩾14, whose manic symptoms stabilised after eight weeks’ treatment with divalproex sodium. Main exclusions: other major …

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